Benefits to Make a Website for Free with Blogger and Weebly

Choosing to make a website for free with blogger platform turned out to provide more benefits than blogs with other platforms. Moreover, blogspot user from blogger also far more than wordpress or other blog. There are a number of reasons why blogger blogs are more profitable and better than other blog platforms.

Blogger is a blog platform created and built by Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan. Two programmers from Pyra Labs launched the service provider of the blog in 1999 and included in several other early blog platforms that have been there before. Interestingly, the blogger or blogspot generated by this blog turned out to be in demand of internet users, and soon this new platform gets tremendous acclaim from internet users around the world.

make a website for free

Attendance and make a blogger blog that is easy to make the internet users to create and have their own blog. Especially after purchased by Google in 2003 made blogger more popular and become the choice of people in doing blogging. Everyone is spoiled and facilitated with the features of bloggers in making an interesting diary or online journal.

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Back to the problem of profit using blogger, here are some things that may be useful for you in choosing the blog platform that you want to make a website for free.

1. As a blog-making application owned by Google, blogspot is also more in line with Google’s rules and conditions, especially concerning things related to Google’s algorithm. Although in a few times Google algorithm changes remove and eliminate millions of blogspot but blogspot is preferred by Google search engine. Blogspot removal by Google is more casuistic in nature due to a breach by its creator against Google’s terms.

2. Although by default bloggers provide facilities that are not SEO friendly, but it can we fix itself with relative ease. Both the template settings, heading tags, and other aspects of onpage SEO.

3. Blogger is also more open to the existence of ads other than Google adsense, which is included in blogspot. Try to compare with where blog owners are not allowed to search or advertise.

Make A Website For Free and Fast with Weebly

If you want to know how to make a website for free and fast you may be able to utilize Weebly. Website creation service is quite popular among web developers and widely used for various purposes. Both business and personal.

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Weebly is one of the free website creation application but with features that are quite complete. With drag and drop techniques, we are still can create a website in a fast and easy time without the need to bother with programming language codes.


Well, the steps on how to create a free and fast website with Weebly, can be done through the following stages:

1. Your first phase must be listed first. For that please visit the website at and fill in the column on Sign Up. You just need to enter your name, email and password and directly hit Get Started.

2. On My Site hit add site to start building new website.

3. After that there will be 3 choices in creating a website, whether the site or website, blog, or store or online store. Each of these options will bring a different structure of the site that you will build. Let’s take the site alone as an example.

4. Next on Choose a Theme, choose your site template. For this stage you can choose any one because later you can change again if not to your liking.

5. After that will appear menu Choose Your Website Domain where you must enter the domain name you want. Here are 3 alternatives, whether you will use a free domain so that it becomes a sub domain of weebly, register a new domain or you already have a domain so stay connected only. For examples how to create a free website and quickly we take a free course by creating a subdomain so it will be “”. Do not forget to click Continue menu.

6. The next step is to change the name of your blog, as shown in the picture. Please replace My Site with the name of your site by typing directly on the article. Begitujuga for the description below can be changed directly.

7. After that you can make your post by filling it with article text or image image. In the left sidebar there is a menu you live drag and drop on the screen you want. When finished do not forget to click Publish menu in the right corner. Finally make your first website at Weebly. Well, it turns out, how to make a website for free and fast at Weebly is easy dont you.

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