Knowing How To SEO Optimize Your Website Effective

What is SEO and how to SEO optimize your website? Function to make a website or blog for each person is different. There are people who make blogs more as an online medium to accommodate various ideas and thoughts. There are also who want to create a photo album in the form of a blog. Not a few people make a site to run an online business or to earn extra income.

In the lead up to the election of the last legislative candidate, not a few senator candidates who use the blog as a medium of their campaign. If you notice, some of our presidential candidates also campaign through various blogs, social media, and social networks to reach their voters. So great the function of the blog, you can use the blog for any purpose you want to achieve.

How To SEO Optimize Your Website

But whatever your goals and targets with blogs, but the function of creating a blog is to be read by others. To be able to read a blog, of course someone must know the URL address of the blog you want to visit. If you do not know the URL address, we can also search through the internet by typing the keyword in the browser search engine.

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That is the idealita of the goal of blogging as an online medium. Indeed there are people who may not want the blog he made just for himself. Beginners or people who are new to the world of blogging may think that blogs are more functioning as a medium of self-expression that is personal. They may not expect the blog he’s made known or visited by others. Perhaps this kind of thing is casuistic and not many in number.

In other words, the keyword of the problem about the function or purpose in creating a blog is traffic. Once again, whatever your goals and targets in creating a blog, then a very important tactical step is to do optimization and promotion for blogs that we create can be visited easily. These two things, namely how to SEO optimize your website and do promotion, which will make your blog known and get a lot of visits. With a visit or a lot of traffic, then the function of making your blog will be more effective.

How To SEO Optimize Your Website to Getting Traffic

If you want to know how to create a blog for many visitors, then that’s the real blogging destination. Visitors or traffic is a testament to the benefits and quality of a blog or site. The number of visitors a site shows the benefits of the information presented as well as proving the effectiveness of successful how to SEO optimize your website.

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The problem of traffic is closely related to the optimization techniques used, although the amount of traffic a blog does not automatically caused by the optimization process itself. Therefore, a visit to a site is done if Internet users memorized with the URL address you want to visit. To memorize, a website can just do a campaign or a big campaign so that the name URL-ya known and easy to type the internet users in the browser.

SEO Optimize Your Website

So how to create a blog for many visitors by applying SEO techniques? Here’s how much you need how to SEO optimize your website more easily occupy the first page in search results.

Theme / Template – Theme or template used must be SEO friendly, by setting the header tags, titles and descriptions containing targeted keywords, and easy for visitors to access the content.

Content – Content blogs created, especially on articles, should also pay attention to aspects of SEO. An SEO friendly article is visible from the title containing the keywords as well as in the description. For an article description, it is preferable that the keyword be placed in the first sentence, and not in the first paragraph as many people suggest. Google is paying more attention to the laying of this keyword in its first 170 characters. The rest of it is considered less attention. Similarly, keywords also need to be included in the last sentence as closing. .

Speed Loading – This factor is the loading speed of a blog when accessed. The faster speed loadingnya would be easier Coogle in the crawl and put it in a better position. To speed up loading a blog or site you can use Google’s tools that can be accessed at

Build Backlinks – After various things in the blog addressed, the next step is no less important is to find backlinks. But in looking for or planting backlinks, you should choose quality. Backlinks quality indicators include pagerank of site origin at least above PR 3 and similar topics or niches.

Thus a number of factors how to SEO optimize your website that you need to improve and improve in SEO techniques as one way to create a blog for many visitors and quality in the eyes of Google.

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