Live Phone Answering Service is Help the Business

What is Live Phone Answering Service? This service is a program for answering phone call when the incoming call didn’t answered because the official didn’t standby at the office. Long time ago, machine for answering phone is a formed as tape or audio cassette. It is connected to the phone, then it will record the voice message from the caller.

Nowadays, machine for phone answering service is replaced with RAM, to save a big memory of voice call. Then, it is replaced again with live phone answering service. Where, it is answer with real person outside the network of the company.

Therfore, some people make that service for business, that offer many kinds of phone answering service. There are many kinds of phone answering service, it depends on the department of the company, for example, restaurant, retail company, automotive company, and educational institutions.

live phone answering service

Official of live phone answering service should be trained and educated on the business’s service and needs; it should be a friendly team of 4 – 6 person. Official can be set up to handle calls received after hours to ensure you never miss a call.

Using Live Phone Answering Service for Saving Budget

Live phone answering can save the cost; it can be billed per-minute, with a duration call about 2 minutes each. It is saver the cost than hiring a full-time receptionist. Official should be got specialized training in various fields, such as Legal, Medical, and Real Estate. The businessman will choose the best live phone answering based on the focus of business’s area.

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Did you know that most of live phone answering service is women? Women phone operator has been used since second world war. So, many women work with the pilots of plane. Not only because of the history above, some research in car industry prove that women voices are more preferable than men voice. It can improve the order of their sales.

That is why the application of many software such as, siri, google map, or call operator using women employee. From that case, live phone answering service also use the women voice in fact that many people feel comfort with the women’s voice.

Not only by phone, live phone answering also served the client by message, mail or other social media with fast response. In addition, they will continue the message directly in some person who asked. With sophisticate software that they have, it is possible to find the detail address from the caller. So, it can minimize the mistakes of spelling or error information.

I hope article about live phone answering service useful for you.

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