Social Media Campaigns that Work: Getting Inspired

You are probably wondering about the social media campaigns that work really – with the focus on social media platforms and how they can incorporate the design and concept cleverly into their marketing system. After all, with today’s condition where people heavily depend on the social media for business and exposure, it is important to know what kind of strategy to use and what types of campaigns to launch.

Social Media Campaign Examples for Case Studies

The idea of social media campaign is about introducing the business (as well as the products) while trying to engage the people to become customers and followers. That’s why most of the campaign ideas are about engagement of the users (the consumers) and the brand (the products). In today’s competitive business platform, focusing on the social media is pretty crucial. It is only a matter of fact and time of which strategy and tactic to implement – no more and no less.

social media campaigns that Work

If you want to take a look at some of the examples of social media campaigns that really work, you can see what Bitwell did with their fan helmet art. Bitwell is running a business in motorcycle accessories. One campaign the company did to engage their fans as well as promoting their root business is the fan helmet art. They shared the custom art done by their fans in their Facebook fanpage timeline. It’s a win-win solution for everything.

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Bitwell is having a free promotion, showing off their products and entertaining their fans along the way while their fans (who had done the custom work) got their own 15 minutes of glory and fame. Not a bad idea of win-win solution, eh?

Another example is the GE campaign that is done through Tumblr and Vine with their project #6SecondScienceFair that is meant to increase interest in social media engagement, science, and also boost GE’s name and credibility. Basically, they ask people to come up with scientific ideas (preferably the cool ones) that suit the hashtag and post the creation through those two social media platforms. Then they will revine the posts.

social media campaigns for business

Year to year growth of social media users (Source:

Again, this is a two-way promotional method where everyone can get the best benefits from the process and the outcome. GE can promote themselves while increasing interest in the science (which means that their goal is successful) and those who make the posts are getting their social media fame and status.

Social Media Campaigns Ideas

Depending on the type of purpose and campaigns you want to do, there are limitless ideas to try. After all, the digital world is a constantly changing world so you need to be flexible about it. You can get ideas or inspirations from the previous social media campaigns that have been done by previous companies or marketer although it would be great if you can come up with your own idea.

Moreover, social media focus and engagement isn’t exactly an easy stuff to pull off. If you want to have a successful campaign, it may be a good idea to check the previous social media campaigns that really work and observe their winning (and also successful) factors.

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