The Top 10 Best Social Media Platforms 2017: What Makes Them Popular?

So, what is the importance of knowing the top 10 best social media platforms 2017 – provided that it is going to do you any good?

Let’s not forget that the role of social media today isn’t only for socializing anymore – it has expanded and developed into a marketing and business platform for promotion, brand engagement, and product introduction. When done properly and correctly, the exposure through social media can improve the name of a brand while creating a stronger bond and engagement with the customers.

List of Social Media Apps

There have been some lists of the most popular social media platforms that are created based on some distinctive categories. These lists are compiled based on their total immersion in the society as well as their strength against pressure and tests – the real life one.

social media platforms

You see, social media platforms are coming and going. Some of them manage to stay strong and solid while some of them may not so – and they will lose the battle in the end and then simply forgotten.

One of the examples is the Friendster. Once upon a time, this was a pretty popular social media used by almost everyone. It was the Facebook of the old days. But with the advent of Facebook, it seems that the creator and developer of Friendster couldn’t keep up with the updates and the development. As the result, it is simply gone – no longer used and simply forgotten.

best social media platforms

Instagram as a best social media platforms (source: Markplus Insight 2013)

This is what happens when you lack of creativity and the determination to move forward. When you can’t keep up, you won’t only be left behind – you will be forgotten.

Most Popular Social Media Apps

So, what are the top 10 best social media platforms, according to the list? The number one spot is Facebook with the total monthly visitors around 1,940,000,000 people. This shows that innovations are important. With all the technologies they are making and the constant improvements they are working on, it is no wonder if the app is getting more popular – defeating the other ones within the list.

best social media platforms list

Best social media platforms list (Source:

In fact, the numbers of users have increased drastically by the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. In December 2016, the active users were 1.86 billion and it became 1.94 billion right in March 2017. It means that they managed to appeal around 80 million of active users on the monthly basis.

Here are the complete best social media platforms list 2017 with the total monthly visitors from number 1 to 10:

  1. Facebook with almost 2 billion active visitors
  2. YouTube with 1 billion active users
  3. Instagram with 7 million active users
  4. Twitter with 313 million active users
  5. Reddit with 250 million active users
  6. Vine with 200 million active users
  7. Pinterest with 1500 million active users
  8. with 160 million active users
  9. Tumblr with 115 million active users
  10. Flickr with112 million active users

As it was mentioned before, innovation, development, and dedication are some of the important keys to make these socmed platforms stay. From these top 10 best social media platforms 2017, which one do you use quite often?

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