Tops Social Media Sites for Business: What Are They

There are some top social media sites for business – and they started out as the social interaction and focus platform. These social media websites have undergone a quite drastic development and improvement from the beginning.

What started out as the social platform for human interaction and communication has developed into a business and marketing functionality. They are some of the popular names in the industry – and they do work like magic. See more social media strategy

top social media sites for business

Most Popular Top Social Media Sites for Business

So, what are the top social media sites for business, anyway?


Nothing seems to beat this platform, even some of the rising competitors are still falling behind it. It seems that most online users also realize that different platforms have their own different systems and uses.

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One platform may work better for brand exposure while the others will work better for customer engagement. With almost 1.6 billion of users, it is hard to beat Facebook – not to mention that it comes with handy features like Facebook Ads and such thing alike.


If you have an online business with client focus and target, this is the right platform to choose. You need to start building networks first before leading the sales pitch.

Of course, LinkedIn and Facebook aren’t the only popular social media platforms we have today. There are still a few of them around, such as:


As you are well aware of, the idea is to make your post go as viral as possible. The more people retweet it, the more followers you can reach. By including the right hashtags, you can really improve efficient sales and marketing, exposing your business to even a higher and also wider market.

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Who doesn’t know Instagram these days? With the catchy posts, the right image, and the right hashtags, you can always reach the right target market. It is no wonder if it is included as one of the top social media sites for business.

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